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Right, so here it is. Some guy from Utah got caught looking at kiddie porn on a flight to Boston. One of the other passengers got a gander at what he was watching on his laptop and notified the flight crew, who in turn notified the authorities, and he was arrested shortly after the plane landed. The story says he was in first class. Hmm, so not only is this guy a sick-o, but apparently he’s got more dollars than “sense”. (Sorry, dumb pun for a dumbass.) Read about it here.

Nov. 28, 2011 – Update

So, apparently the guy from Utah is a professor at the University of Utah, and he claims that he is not guilty. However, the passenger that caught him watching kiddie porn took a picture of what he was doing with his phone. Also, the police found images of young girls on his computer even though he’d tried to erase them. Again, can you say “Sick-o”? Read about this here.