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Right. I promised I would get back to this, so here it is. When you steal the life of a child you are not simply taking from the world one beautiful and shining being. You have also stolen the future – all the potential and possibility that child represented. It is a crime of a scope that beggars the mind. Children are purely innocent, wholly uncorrupted. They are the embodiment of everything good in human beings and so a crime against a child becomes a crime against humanity itself.

“Something in the heart of most human beings simply cannot abide pain inflicted on the innocent, especially children. Even broken men serving in the worst correctional facilities will often first take out their own rage on those who have caused suffering to children. Even in such a world of relative morality, causing harm to a child is still considered absolutely wrong. Period.” Wm. Paul Young

The mother of that child is as guilty as the man who murdered him. It is any parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are not exposed to individuals who may cause harm, or to an environment in which they may come to harm. If a parent cannot ensure a child’s safety and wellbeing themselves then it is their responsibility to place their child or children with someone who can and will. That child’s wellbeing is more important than your own feelings. It is more important than your reputation. From the moment you decide to, or learn that you will, bring a child into this world then that child becomes more important than anything else. If you cannot fulfill these responsibilities – then do not have a child.

“Children are the brightest treasures we bring forth into this world, but too large a percentage of the population continues to treat them as inconveniences and nuisances, when they’re not treating them as possessions or toys.” Charles de Lint

When you abuse or neglect a child you are building a foundation for abuse and mistreatment that can last for generations. What they learn they will pass on to the next generation, and that generation will pass it on to the next.

“We know that the outcasts and misfits are the children most likely to become violent, so it only follows that we must pull them into the arms of love and/or acceptance, and find a place where they fit. If our system doesn’t have a place where a child fits, there’s something wrong with the system, not the child.” William G. Defoore

Too often people stand by and allow the abuse, mistreatment, and neglect of a child. We are unwilling to interfere, to get involved. For whatever reason – embarrassment, apathy, or just a plain lack of empathy – we are too often passive observers. To observe and do nothing is to condone. When you involve a child it becomes that much more horrific. It is not about being a Good Samaritan. It is not about inconvenience. It is not about morality. It is about our humanity.

“If we are ever to have real peace in this world . . . we shall have to begin with the children.” Mohandas K. Gandhi