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Right, so here it is. A woman was arrested at a Wall-Mart in Tulsa, Oklahoma for attempting to “cook” meth IN the store. The police say she was there for six hours taking chemicals off the shelf and mixing them. You can read the whole story at So, this meth-head ventured into a store where there were sure to be children (I mean, it was Wally-World after all) and proceeded to try to make meth? Are you kidding me? The story says that security called police after they spotted her acting suspiciously. It took them SIX HOURS to determine that she was acting suspiciously? Again, are you kidding me? This is one reason I don’t shop at Wall-Mart. Call me crazy, but it seems as if that particular retail chain just seems to attract characters like this. I’ll pass, thank you.

Wally-World Meth-Head

Wally-World Meth-Head

A man from Connecticut was arrested Thursday after his son’s daycare center found a joint in the 18 month-old’s lunch box. Apparently the man had dropped it in there while he was preparing the food for his toddler the night before. You can read the original story at

Listen, I know there is this huge movement to legalize marijuana going on in the country right now, but folks at the moment it is still illegal. You risk yourself and your family by using the stuff, no matter what your views on it may be. When, or if, pot does become legal then go for broke. One thing I will say, however, is that while you are an adult and can make choices like that – your kids are not. As a parent you have a responsiblity to put their welfare ahead of your own. That’s your legal and moral duty as a parent. So many people fail to realize that when it should be something that goes without saying – in other words – common sense.

Right, so here it is. Some guy from Utah got caught looking at kiddie porn on a flight to Boston. One of the other passengers got a gander at what he was watching on his laptop and notified the flight crew, who in turn notified the authorities, and he was arrested shortly after the plane landed. The story says he was in first class. Hmm, so not only is this guy a sick-o, but apparently he’s got more dollars than “sense”. (Sorry, dumb pun for a dumbass.) Read about it here.

Nov. 28, 2011 – Update

So, apparently the guy from Utah is a professor at the University of Utah, and he claims that he is not guilty. However, the passenger that caught him watching kiddie porn took a picture of what he was doing with his phone. Also, the police found images of young girls on his computer even though he’d tried to erase them. Again, can you say “Sick-o”? Read about this here.

Apparently Black Friday had a little more impact than I previously believed. A new story has surfaced about a man who collapsed in a Target store and later died after nearly ALL of the shoppers around him completely ignored his distress. Two people, TWO, stopped and tried to help the man. An E. R. nurse and an off-duty paramedic were the only ones willing to do ANYTHING. The woman administered CPR, but the man passed away later at a local hospital. At least a couple of people made the effort, but apparently not before others casually strolled around, and even stepped over, the poor man’s body. Read about it here. It seems that for some people it really is all about the sale. Screw my fellow human being, look at the price on those slip covers!

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested earlier this week for locking the woman’s three-year old son in his room by nailing the door shut. Apparently they arrested the pregnant mother while she was at the hospital being treated for wounds the boyfriend gave her. The police said the little boy was suffering from an extremely bad rash (his diaper was soiled when they found him) when they had to KICK DOWN THE BEDROOM DOOR TO GET TO HIM. They also said the house was filthy, as in fecal matter, bugs, soiled diapers, and rotting food. You can read about it yourself here.

Holy Shit, how do these people live with themselves? Nailing the door shut on a toddler? I literally cannot find the words to describe how f*cked up that is. Have a gander at these two geniuses. Bleh, I’m feeling a little sick.

Apparently a woman shopping at a Wal-Mart  this Black Friday blatantly doused the surrounding crowd with pepper spray so that she could have first access to the items on sale. More than twenty people were injured in the resulting melee. The woman fled the scene, but police are searching for her now. Read the full story here.

Can you see why my first reaction was “What the f*ck?” I mean, come on, who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to use pepper spray on a crowd of shoppers just so you get first dibs? There were even children present. Children. It makes you wonder what in the world was going through that person’s head at the time. To make it even more unbelievable one person was quoted saying “I don’t care, I’m still getting my TV” ( Wow, you must really need that TV lady. Good luck with that.

Seems to me that both of those people need to re-examine their priorities a little. The one who used the pepper spray consciously and intentionally did physical harm to others for no better reason than she wanted a deal on a video game. The other one apparently just doesn’t give a shit.

How’s that for Holiday Spirit and Human Empathy folks?

Nov. 26, 2011 – Update

Here’s another version of this story. Some repetition here, but a few things the other story doesn’t have. Namely, that the woman who used the pepper spray did it more than once to get several different types of merchandise.

Nov. 26, 2011 – Another Update

Well, the lady who wielded pepper spray against her fellow shoppers on Black Friday has turned herself in. Check out the story here. There’s also an added story about a fight over some towels at another Wal-Mart.  Here’s a link to a clip on – Wal-Mart Towel Fight. Holy Shit, it’s INSANITY! Look at the little girl caught in the middle of the melee. You can hear someone screaming in the video. An officer quoted in the story said they were fighting over towels priced at $1.88. Wow, a towel at just under two bucks? Give me a baseball bat! I’ll get those people out of the way. No! Wait! I can use PEPPER SPRAY! Yeah, like that woman in California! That’s the ticket. Cheap towels here I come!