You’re Kidding Me, Right?

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Latest Story
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A 7-year-old Boston boy is being investigated for sexual harassment. He reportedly punched another boy his age in the groin. Mark Curran, and his mother Tasha Lynch, both claim it was in self-defense. They say the other boy stole Mark’s gloves and choked him. You can read the full story at Either way, to even investigate a claim of sexual harassment where the ‘perpetrator’ is a first-grader is ludicrous. The school officials should be ashamed of themselves for blowing this so far out of proportion as to make it seem laughable. I get the feeling that the school is more worried about protecting itself from a possible suit than it is about the welfare of the two boys involved.

When did rough-housing between two very young children devolve into sexual battery? At that age they wouldn’t even fully understand the concept – or at least they wouldn’t have before. Undoubtedly both of them have had a thorough lesson on what it means now, and I find that incredibly sad.

Dangerous Sexual Predator?

Sexual Predator?


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