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Right, so here it is. A woman was arrested at a Wall-Mart in Tulsa, Oklahoma for attempting to “cook” meth IN the store. The police say she was there for six hours taking chemicals off the shelf and mixing them. You can read the whole story at So, this meth-head ventured into a store where there were sure to be children (I mean, it was Wally-World after all) and proceeded to try to make meth? Are you kidding me? The story says that security called police after they spotted her acting suspiciously. It took them SIX HOURS to determine that she was acting suspiciously? Again, are you kidding me? This is one reason I don’t shop at Wall-Mart. Call me crazy, but it seems as if that particular retail chain just seems to attract characters like this. I’ll pass, thank you.

Wally-World Meth-Head

Wally-World Meth-Head

A man from Connecticut was arrested Thursday after his son’s daycare center found a joint in the 18 month-old’s lunch box. Apparently the man had dropped it in there while he was preparing the food for his toddler the night before. You can read the original story at

Listen, I know there is this huge movement to legalize marijuana going on in the country right now, but folks at the moment it is still illegal. You risk yourself and your family by using the stuff, no matter what your views on it may be. When, or if, pot does become legal then go for broke. One thing I will say, however, is that while you are an adult and can make choices like that – your kids are not. As a parent you have a responsiblity to put their welfare ahead of your own. That’s your legal and moral duty as a parent. So many people fail to realize that when it should be something that goes without saying – in other words – common sense.

A 7-year-old Boston boy is being investigated for sexual harassment. He reportedly punched another boy his age in the groin. Mark Curran, and his mother Tasha Lynch, both claim it was in self-defense. They say the other boy stole Mark’s gloves and choked him. You can read the full story at Either way, to even investigate a claim of sexual harassment where the ‘perpetrator’ is a first-grader is ludicrous. The school officials should be ashamed of themselves for blowing this so far out of proportion as to make it seem laughable. I get the feeling that the school is more worried about protecting itself from a possible suit than it is about the welfare of the two boys involved.

When did rough-housing between two very young children devolve into sexual battery? At that age they wouldn’t even fully understand the concept – or at least they wouldn’t have before. Undoubtedly both of them have had a thorough lesson on what it means now, and I find that incredibly sad.

Dangerous Sexual Predator?

Sexual Predator?