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Arthur Morgan III was arrested and taken into custody Tuesday Nov. 29 after a nationwide manhunt. He has been charged in the murder of his own 2-year-old daughter Tierra. Authorities believe Morgan threw his daughter into a park stream last week. The poor little girl was found floating in the water still strapped in her car seat. Funeral services for Tierra were held Monday Nov. 28. You can read more about the arrest and see a video clip at

This is the last time I will post a story about the murder of a child. I just can’t take it anymore. These people who are willing to hurt their own children are not idiots – they are monsters. Cases like this aren’t about a lack of common sense. They are about a lack of humanity.

A physician in Tennessee stands accused of murdering her 4-year-old adopted daughter. The husband also faces charges of child abuse. A Detective on the case testified that the girl had teeth knocked out, and that the hospital staff who worked on her said the wounds did not look accidental.WSMV-TV has more on the story. The girl was killed last July, but the doctor is only just now going to trial. There isn’t a whole lot more information about this at the moment, but I’ll watch for any new developments.

A Florida woman was arrested for attempted murder Saturday after she tried to run a man down with her car. That’s bad enough, but what’s worse is that her 18 month old daughter was unrestrained in the car with her. The baby was repeatedly thrown into the dash of the car as her mother rammed her vehicle into a fence and house while she was attempting to kill someone. The child was taken to the hospital with a large lump on her head, and the Department of Children and Families was notified. The woman’s arrest also violated her current parole on a previous battery charge. Read the full story in the St. Petersburg Times. The only question I can ask is . . . What the hell is wrong with these people who keep hurting their children?

Monday Nov. 28, 2011 an Atlanta woman attacked her own two children – one of them with deadly results. The woman’s 8-year-old boy was beaten and thrown out of a window, but the brave youngster managed to run to a neighbor’s house where the police were contacted. Unfortunately, his 4-year-old sister was still in the home. By the time police arrived the mother had already managed to stab her daughter to death. The woman was subsequently shot and killed by the responding officer. Get the full story at

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa

What manner of evil rules the mind that turns its murderous rage against the most helpless members of our society? What now for that innocent boy who has lost not only his sister but his mother as well to an indescribable madness of the soul? One can only hope he finds a way to overcome the trauma and pain this tragedy has surely writ into his heart.

Washington Safeway store officials had to eat crow and apologize to the four-year old girl who was banned from their stores for shoplifting. She was apparently seen by a guard eating dried apricots from a package before she placed it back on the shelf. The guard who caught this dangerous criminal took the girl and her father to a break room and forced her to sign a statement detailing how she would never be allowed in the store again. Never mind that the four-year old couldn’t read. Or that she couldn’t possibly understand what was happening. Or that she was four years old. Safeway fired the guard and apologized to the girl and her family. Read about it here.

“A spokeswoman says while the shoplifting policies are there to protect customers, guards have to use common sense too.” (

Common sense, huh? Ya’ Think?!

Right. I promised I would get back to this, so here it is. When you steal the life of a child you are not simply taking from the world one beautiful and shining being. You have also stolen the future – all the potential and possibility that child represented. It is a crime of a scope that beggars the mind. Children are purely innocent, wholly uncorrupted. They are the embodiment of everything good in human beings and so a crime against a child becomes a crime against humanity itself.

“Something in the heart of most human beings simply cannot abide pain inflicted on the innocent, especially children. Even broken men serving in the worst correctional facilities will often first take out their own rage on those who have caused suffering to children. Even in such a world of relative morality, causing harm to a child is still considered absolutely wrong. Period.” Wm. Paul Young

The mother of that child is as guilty as the man who murdered him. It is any parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are not exposed to individuals who may cause harm, or to an environment in which they may come to harm. If a parent cannot ensure a child’s safety and wellbeing themselves then it is their responsibility to place their child or children with someone who can and will. That child’s wellbeing is more important than your own feelings. It is more important than your reputation. From the moment you decide to, or learn that you will, bring a child into this world then that child becomes more important than anything else. If you cannot fulfill these responsibilities – then do not have a child.

“Children are the brightest treasures we bring forth into this world, but too large a percentage of the population continues to treat them as inconveniences and nuisances, when they’re not treating them as possessions or toys.” Charles de Lint

When you abuse or neglect a child you are building a foundation for abuse and mistreatment that can last for generations. What they learn they will pass on to the next generation, and that generation will pass it on to the next.

“We know that the outcasts and misfits are the children most likely to become violent, so it only follows that we must pull them into the arms of love and/or acceptance, and find a place where they fit. If our system doesn’t have a place where a child fits, there’s something wrong with the system, not the child.” William G. Defoore

Too often people stand by and allow the abuse, mistreatment, and neglect of a child. We are unwilling to interfere, to get involved. For whatever reason – embarrassment, apathy, or just a plain lack of empathy – we are too often passive observers. To observe and do nothing is to condone. When you involve a child it becomes that much more horrific. It is not about being a Good Samaritan. It is not about inconvenience. It is not about morality. It is about our humanity.

“If we are ever to have real peace in this world . . . we shall have to begin with the children.” Mohandas K. Gandhi

A little boy in Chicago was beaten to death on his 4th birthday by his mother’s boyfriend. They have the man in custody, and he has been described by others as “antisocial”. Read about it here. (The story includes a video.) Nothing, and I mean nothing, pisses me off like violence against children. Right now I’m too worked up to write anything more, but I will return to this issue later.

Update Dec. 2, 2011

Read about developments in this case at My Fox Chicago.

Right, so here it is. Some guy from Utah got caught looking at kiddie porn on a flight to Boston. One of the other passengers got a gander at what he was watching on his laptop and notified the flight crew, who in turn notified the authorities, and he was arrested shortly after the plane landed. The story says he was in first class. Hmm, so not only is this guy a sick-o, but apparently he’s got more dollars than “sense”. (Sorry, dumb pun for a dumbass.) Read about it here.

Nov. 28, 2011 – Update

So, apparently the guy from Utah is a professor at the University of Utah, and he claims that he is not guilty. However, the passenger that caught him watching kiddie porn took a picture of what he was doing with his phone. Also, the police found images of young girls on his computer even though he’d tried to erase them. Again, can you say “Sick-o”? Read about this here.

A 79 year old woman who was mugged and beaten for her purse in Manchester England passed away the following day. She also happened to have her dead husband’s ashes in that purse, and they were lost as well. Two teens, aged 14 and 17, have been held for questioning in connection with the assault. Read more about it here. The whole thing is very sad.

Three people in southern Florida have pled guilty to scamming elderly folks out of their money for (get this) toilet paper. Oh, they scammed them into buying other crap too, but it was the reference to toilet paper that caught my attention. Read about it here.

Three have pled guilty, but there are three others awaiting trial. The allegedly got over a million dollars from their victims by claiming an association with the EPA, the FDA, and the Dept. of Agriculture. Damn, but you’ve got to be absolutely heartless to take advantage of gram and gramps like that. I mean, there are people everywhere that will take what they want rather than earn it, but when they target the vulnerable and weak. Hmm, that just seems particularly shitty to me. (Sorry, couldn’t help the puns.)